Doncaster Crematorium

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The Proposals

Horizon Cremation has submitted a planning application to build a new crematorium to serve the people who live to the west of Doncaster. Rose Hill Crematorium in Doncaster has been serving local people since it first opened 60 years ago. It cremates over 2,500 people each year making it the 26th busiest crematoria in the country.

Families wait 20 days on average for a service. In busy months they wait longer. Some mourners choose to use Barnsley or Rotherham Crematoria, but these too are very busy.
Situated on the A630 Doncaster Road just outside Conisbrough, our facility would give local people an alternative.


Horizon Cremation is building and operating crematoria in areas where current facilities are over-stretched. We want to make the experience of attending a service as poignant, memorable and moving as we can.

Our buildings are carefully considered and we hire compassionate people who can provide the best possible service at a time of distress. Our first facility on the Clyde Coast was voted the ‘Best Crematorium in Scotland’ in the 2019 Scottish Funeral Awards. We want to bring the same quality and care to Doncaster.

Horizon is building two new crematoria in Cannock and in East Renfrewshire (to the south of Glasgow). We have plans in preparation for several more sites across the country.

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