A Beautiful Modern Building

The brief to our architect was to design a building that would fit into the rural setting.

It would be a modest building – about the size of two and a half tennis courts. Just one storey high at the side nearest the road, the building would sweep up as the land falls away allowing a double height picture window in the ceremony room which would frame south westerly views across the surrounding countryside and flood the building with light.

The walls would be clad mostly in larch with brick footings, but the roofs, which would be the feature most visible from the road would be planted with Sedum, giving us a living ‘green’ roof and making the building sit unobtrusively in its landscape.

The buildings would sit behind a screen of trees. We will have a chapel for 90 people and 80 car parking spaces with an overflow car park for a further 40. Mourners will gather in our large and comfortable waiting room. There will be no need to stand outside in the wind and rain waiting for a service.

In the ceremony hall, the coffin will rest in the centre of everyone’s view against the backdrop of a large picture window, framing views of the landscape and trees. We will have a high-quality music system and the latest audio-visual equipment for film or photographic tributes. For the more traditional, we will have an organist. Our services are an hour long, so there will be little risk that mourners will feel rushed.

Memorial Gardens

Most of the site would remain green with a formal garden for memorials set behind a screen of trees and meadowland.  As the land has been intensively farmed for many years, most of it has little wildlife value.  We have undertaken an ecological survey and know that we have a great opportunity here to ‘re-wild’ the area and allow it to once again become the home to bats, birds, invertebrates and a wide variety of plant species.

The memorial garden would be an attractive series of walks and spaces for quiet contemplation and remembering.   We would concentrate on gardens that bring colour, form and texture throughout the year. They would be a blaze of colour during the spring and summer with soft forms and textures during the winter.